The Process

Learn the key to the TREAM " patient pending " membership method.

• A facility (gym, golf course, ski resort or any other fitness facility) hires or contracts a licensed therapist to work for them. The therapist may be a physiotherapist, chiropractor. athletic therapist, massage therapist or which ever category of therapist to whom the club wishes to be associated.

• A returning or new client then purchases a membership to the therapist based on usage. For example if they purchase a Bronze membership they may be entitled to one appointment per month or 12 per year, if they choose Silver they may be entitled to two appointments per month etc. The number of appointments per week/year will be determined by the individual gyms.

• This therapeutic Treatment Membership allows access to the therapist and full use of the facilities amenities. When the client sees the therapist it will be noted and the client will be issued a receipt.

The receipt is the key to the system. The receipt is then used by the client and is submitted to the client’s insurance company for reimbursement or can be used as a receipt for a tax deduction.