Benefits to the faculty

• Increase in membership fees, Tream recommands that your facility increase its membership fees resulting in an multiple of net profit. To determine your Tream net profit use the financial tables on the next page.

• The TREAM system will provide billing method for WSIB and MVA claims. This new method will result in a two new categories of membership for the facility that are valued at $2000.00 and $4000.00 per year respectively. Conservatively, adding 4-WSIB and 2-MVA patients per month would add $192,000.00 annual revenue for the club.

• With a licensed health care professional on site, the liability insurance premiums for the facility should decrease.

• The WSIB claims for the facility should also decrease as all claims can now be handled on site.

• Families, with extended health care benefits extending to all members of the family we assume that a family membership priced at $2000.00 per year would be attractive to an active family as the entire $2000.00 could be reimbursed through insurance

•  Additional membership opportunities- most benefit packages have multileveled coverage having benefits that cover more than one therapist if your facility had both a physical therapist and a massage therapist on site, most benefit packages would cover both therapies for $500.00 per year. Allowing the client to purchase a membership at $1000.00 and still be reimbursed (depending on the policy) 100% by the insurance company.

Benefits to the Clients

• The client receives a membership that is reimbursed by their insurance company, effectively getting a gym membership for FREE

• The client receives a membership that can be used as a tax deduction.

• The client receives more therapy for the same price. For example, if a client has $500.00 per year of coverage for therapy this would allow them approximately 6-8 treatment sessions Using the membership they could opt for a package that gives them 12-15 sessions per year.

• If a client has unlimited coverage or coverage above the value of the gym membership their reimbursement could be much greater

Benefits to the Insurance Companies

• The insurance companies love this idea since the client still must be prescribed therapy but will receive more therapy at no additional cost to the insurance company and the clients get a membership to a fitness facility at no additional cost.

• Institutions like WSIB and MVA insurance companies will enjoy a fixed cost for therapy and access to a fitness facility.