Welcome to TREAM

A brand new "patent pending "membership method specifically designed for Health Clubs
and other fitness oriented companies.

The key aspect to the Tream System is that the membership is either reimbursed by the client’s Insurance company under the current terms of the policy or in the event that the client has no insurance coverage the membership acts as a tax deduction. In either event never before has a membership to a facility been reimbursable from an insurance company or tax deductible

Implication of this new program will strengthen your balance sheet by increasing your membership base and increasing current club membership fees while at the same time providing additional services to your members. The new membership will also deliver two additional unique membership streams as well as providing instant revenue for the corporation.

Our research, based on the current financial model, estimated conservatively that this new membership method will create $200,000.00 to $300,000.00 of additional revenue per club, while at the same time decreasing the membership cost to the client by approximately $500.00 per year on average. I think you will agree that being able to provide more services and potentially providing a free membership would be a tremendous opportunity for both your existing and future members.